About us:

The passion for helping all feeling creatures resulted in a beautiful friendship. They find immense joy in doing good.
In 2016, they decided to invite to Poland Dr Frank Kinslow – the creator of quantum synchronization method, in order to give people in our country an opportunity to learn this method. They’ve been successfully organising workshops and cultural events for several years.

Graduate of Cultural Studies at University of Silesia. University teacher. Movie producer with numerous years of experience in organisation of movie sets, photo shoots, workshops, and cultural events, both in Poland and abroad. She has been successfully cooperating with well-known artists in Poland and abroad for years. Repeatedly awarded at the most prestigious international festivals.
Optimistic in face of adversity, she changes problems into challenges.

Anna Zajączkowska

A teacher of Jivaka Body and Mind, therapist of Thai Massage and Japan Chiropractic.
He met his first spiritual teachers in 2000 and then travelled in their steps through Asia, Europe, and South America. He received vast knowledge and learned to meditate, which he practises to this day in everyday life.
Organiser of numerous cultural events, hundreds of theatre plays, workshops of work with body and mind.
In life he follows his heart and the strength of serenity.

Krzysztof Szabat

Contact us:

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Anna Zajączkowska: 607 983 844
Krzysztof Szabat: 509 137 111


Anna Zajączkowska: annazajec@gmail.com
Krzysztof Szabat: szabat@jivaka.pl